What's New with Health Promotion Partners?

We have been busy!

New press release from Health Promotion Partners:


Health Promotion Partners expands offerings and hosts a free Cognitive Wellness and Brain Health workshop on June 22, 2021.

Dr. Cassidy discusses "3 Red Flags" that indicate you should intervene with a loved one's driving. 

 Local Television Interviews:

Driving Retirement.PNG

KOAA New5 anchor Elizabeth Watts interviews Dr. Terri Cassidy and Kathryn Seibert about age related changes and driving.


Claudia Garofalo interviews Dr. Terri Cassidy about the Fitness to Drive Program for the Living Local section of FOX 21 News. 


 Jessica Barreto interviews Dr. Terri Cassidy about the Fitness to Drive Program for KOAA News 5. 

   Podcast appearances that discuss driving and aging:

A Thriving Life Podcast - Discussion with Dr. Cassidy and Kent Matthews

Kent speaks with Terri Cassidy of Health Promotion Partners (www.healthpromotionpartners.com) about driving. Terri is an occupational therapist and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist whose practice focuses on direct patient care as well as education to medical professionals on topics of driver safety. 

Seniors Flourish - Discussion with Dr. Cassidy and Mandy Chamberlain

Many know that occupational therapists help with driving rehab, but how about driving retirement? It is a HUGE shift to go from driving to not driving and what is our role in preparing our patients with this transition? The more we can help our patients explore alternative options, the easier it will be for them in the future.

Terri Cassidy OTD, OTR/L, Certified Driving Rehab Specialist, discusses what this looks like, as well as how we can work on these goals for our patients to maintain as much independence in community mobility as possible!


Senior Talk - Discussion with Dr. Cassidy and Greg Coopman

Greg from KRDO Newsradio 105.5's SeniorTalk speaks with Terri about the Fitness to Drive Program and how ageing drivers can benefit from seeing a certified driving rehabilitation specialist. 


Misunderstanding Dementia - Discussion with Dr. Cassidy, Kathryn, and Dr. Mike Chua

What is a driver rehab specialist? When do you need one? How can they help your loved one who has dementia? Listen to this talk between Dr. Chua, Terri, and Kathryn to get the answers!

Recent Professional and Community Presentations:


  • National Driver Rehabilitation Conference: Examining the Strategic Level of Driving Behavior

  • El Paso Medical Society Family Fun Night

  • Encompass Rehab Lunch and Learn: Medical Fitness to Drive Evaluations