"It is through occupation - the things that we do - that humans create the conditions for health. My role is to empower people to access the everyday occupations that support their well-being."

Dr. Terri Cassidy, Owner of Health Promotion Partners

Our Programs:

Many adults define “healthy aging” as being able to take care of themselves and maintain connection to their community. Age-related changes, such as frailty, medical issues, or loss of a spouse, can make you re-think your plans for where and how you want to live out your retirement years.


              Our occupational therapists provide care and help you to navigate decisions about:

aging in place,

- driver fitness, 

    - levels of support

We want to help you live your best life. Whether you have been diagnosed with a stroke, early stages of dementia, or just want some support, we can accurately assess your needs and provide solutions for you.

Helping to define what independence means for you.

The premier Occupational Therapy  Driver Rehabilitation Program serving Colorado's Front Range.
Aging Well by Design
Dementia Care