Community of Practice

The Fitness to Drive Community of Practice is a gathering place for Occupational Therapy (OT) practitioners, medical, and public health professionals to share ideas about addressing the growing public health concern of drivers who are medically at risk for a crash. This community is designed to provide members with opportunities to create and share evidence-based practice, build confidence in addressing driving with clients, and create best practice standards for Colorado practitioners. These changes have the potential to benefit individual therapists, organizations for which they work, and the larger public health community, and, most importantly, older adults.


Engaging Mobility is a program funded by the Colorado Department of Transportation to address the gap between the need for medical professionals to routinely address driving and the current perceived capacity for this. Occupational therapy practitioners are uniquely qualified to address driving among the older adult because of their skill set, their frame of reference, and their work environments. Many OT practitioners work with older adults as they are going through medical transitions which often impact their functional abilities. OT practitioners are trained to assess a full scope of capacities, including vision, physical skills, mental health, and cognition. In addition, OT practitioners consider the whole picture of the client, including functional ability, rehabilitation potential, and environmental and social context, in order to help them re-engage in valued life activities.

Check out the website for the Fitness to Drive community of practice at www.engagingmobility.org

Click here for driving and community mobility resources

Upcoming Training

Please contact us to request an in-service at your facility. Consulting and tailored training is also available.