Aging Well by Design Program

Aging Well By Design helps older individuals and their families navigate the journey of dementia with compassion and hope. All of our programs focus on optimizing the well-being, connection, and dignity of the aging person, while ensuring that their family members have the resources, guidance, and information to make thoughtful care decisions.


Based in the foundations of occupational therapy, Aging Well by Design uniquely provides:


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  • A reliable partnership for individuals with dementia and the families that love them.

  • Ongoing support and relationship between Health Promotion Partners, the caregiver, the family, and the client.

  • A curated network of caregivers that meet the individual’s needs over time.

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  • Expert guidance for caring well for someone with dementia.

  • Help with understanding symptoms, behaviors, and cognitive diagnoses, as well as the progression of dementia

  • Reliable resources about aging, dementia, and caregiving for the whole family

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  • A holistic care model that connects the dots between different care providers.

  • Reliable resources and information about aging, dementia, and caregiving.

  • Tailored assessments and planning that ensure an appropriate level of care that moves at the pace of the individual and anticipates the next decision point.


For Individuals: In home occupational therapy for individuals with dementia and their families.

For Caregivers: We offer Skills2Care®, a program that trains caregivers on how to successfully manage the daily challenges of caring for someone with dementia and how to take care of themselves while providing the best care possible.


A Program For Caregivers of People With Dementia

Skills2Care® is a research-tested  occupational therapy program that benefits caregivers and people with dementia.

Program Goals:

  • Improve well-being and skills    of caregivers

  • Reduce challenging behaviors that often occur with dementia

  • Slow decline in daily function of people with dementia

Skills2Care® provides education and strategies for day-to-day care.



Program Topics:

  • Understanding dementia

  • Reducing challenging behaviors

  • Promoting function

  • Communicating effectively

  • Making the home safer

  • Taking care of self protocol

A dementia diagnosis presents new challenges to the individual and their family. Aging Well by Design helps to address these challenges so that more time can be spent on living well and staying connected to one another.